My Furnace Seems To Be Upside Down

Is my furnace upside down

I’ve worked on a lot of furnaces and have yet to find one installed upside down. Not saying it hasn’t been done. The deception of being upside down can be that some furnaces can be installed in any position but the labels on the doors didn’t get turned over.

Some labels can be removed and turned over, while some are stickers, and some are fixed or molded into the door so the furnace can seem to be upside down. You can bet that many installers that install a furnace with the manufacturers name on the front upside down, won’t take the time to turn the label over even if it could be done.

Upside down label doesn’t mean the furnace is upside down

The important thing beyond how the labels make you feel is which way is the air blowing. Is air blowing out of all the small vents in the floor or ceiling when the furnace is on? And is air being sucked into the larger vents or grills? If so you are good to go. Everything is cool.

Can I Install An Upflow Furnace Upside Down

It’s interesting to note that furnaces can be installed in upflow, downflow, and horizontal positions, but not all furnaces.

  1. Electric furnaces can be installed in any position. Mainly because their is no liquid or venting, just air over an element.
  2. Fossil fuel furnaces (gas & oil) have to be ordered specifically for an application. Some gas furnaces can convert from upflow to horizontal or downflow to horizontal.

If your are buying new then consult the supplier for availability of their product to fit you application. They usually know a lot about their product. Also look for the manufacturers tech line for most any question. Usually tech lines have a line for home owners.

So converting an upflow furnace to downflow is only possible with an electric furnace. To keep this simple I’m staying out of the woods here in respect to other positions, left and right horizontal to be specific for fossil burning furnaces because of differences in manufacturing.

An Example Of Multi-Position Gas Furnace

The Lennox MP furnaces are available in upflow, downflow and horizontal. Models change from time to time and keeping up with changes is difficult for the typical home owner. But today you have no excuse for not knowing. Information is at the tip of your fingers.

You like a particular brand then do a search, but remember, just because your label is upside down, it doesn’t mean your furnace is upside down, but I guess it could be.

My Admission Of Guilt

So I did doctor up these images but I actually have seen doors or labels upside down. On one furnace I noticed the bottom door was on the top and that made the label upside down. It fit, but not perfectly. Sorry for the deception, but I just wanted to show you some things to look for.

Chad Peterson

Chad Peterson is near 40 year veteran of the HVAC industry. "I like to explain heating and air conditioning problems in a way the average home owner can understand. "

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