Wax On Wax Off Should I Polish My Outdoor AC Unit

Polishing or waxing an air conditioning unit can have an appealing effect on anyone who happens to see it, including yourself. Others probably won’t say a single word but you can grin as you walk by the thing. Just a small bit of pride, right?

Years ago when I had employees, my maintenance technicians used to carry a can of car polish and part of the maintenance was to give the tops and other available portions of the outdoor unit a brisk polish job. It was a nice touch, it preserved the finish on the AC and added class to what you might want to call a presentation.

20+ Year Old Coleman Heat Pump With A little Wax Applied

I made a before photo and it got lost. But just a little buffing made a stark difference. The dark area in the middle is my shadow.

Be careful not to use spray-on waxes as the over spray can build up onto the refrigeration coils and reduce the efficiency or the performance of the AC or heat pump. Spray it on a rag and then apply to keep control of the over spray.

The application of a wax to an outdoor AC unit is strictly a cosmetic effect. You are just keeping the paint from oxidizing and looking old before it’s time to really be old. You can even make a pretty old unit look darn good.

This may not be worth your while. I never wax my cars, why would I wax my crazy heat pump.

Raising the unit slightly and keeping the inside clean can also preserve the unit and help it last longer. It’s probably better time spent when considering the life an maintenance of your AC unit.

In my article about outdoor units being level I discuss how keeping the inside clean and elevated keeps the bottoms of these units from rusting.

You can learn how I replace an AC pad by myself and install risers to reduce noise and increase drainage and lifespan. There are drain hole in the bottoms of these units and the plug up, especially when installed right down on the pad.

Chad Peterson

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