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Hi, Chad Peterson here. Thanks for visiting my site, where I share my real-life experiences in the HVAC industry. I have been installing and repairing heating and air conditioning equipment since 1977 and have many stories. I like to answer questions without getting too technical. My efforts at HomeHeatProblems.com are to help residential homeowners understand their heating and air conditioning systems and perhaps prevent unnecessary expenses or extreme frustration. And remember this: If we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke. I’m inclined to do my own work, like my dad. He never hired anyone to do something around the house, which can lead to not asking for help when he and I probably should have. But I’ve learned a lot doing things that way. So, I sympathize with those inclined to do it themselves (DIY). Despite those who may warn you about the hazards of attempting things like gas piping or electrical work, you may find some very interesting projects within the content of this website. For most of my years in the industry, I have been self-employed. I have done business as SERVUS in Prineville, Oregon, for several years. You can call or text me at 541-550-6633 or email k.chad.peterson@gmail.com If I don’t answer directly, please leave a text with your name and a short description of your problem.

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