Where’s The Reset Button On My Carrier Heat Pump Or AC Unit?

It’s a huge temptation to push a Carrier AC reset button if your heat pumps not working, that’s if your Carrier unit even has a reset button.

I can teach you how to reset a carrier aircon without a reset button. Notice in my images that some pressure switches have buttons and others don’t. The pressure switches that have no buttons are automatic resets.

They reset themselves if the pressures fall within the parameters of the pressure switch design. Only a technician with proper tools can know the root cause of a reset button needing to be reset.

First, you have to find the carrier reset button location. When you do, what if, by pushing that reset button one more time, you cause unseen damage to the internal parts of your expensive system?

There is a possibility that the problem could be made worse by restarting your AC system.

Why Do Pressure Switches Trip Or Pop Off?

A reset button turns off your air conditioner because of high head pressure. High head pressure is best determined by a service technician with gauges that will measure the pressures in your air conditioner.

Repeatedly pushing a reset button on your air conditioner will worsen the problem and cause damage to the system.

High head pressures will cause the compressor to run hot, like running your car low on antifreeze.

An overheated compressor means the oil in the compressor can overheat, producing harmful acids and contaminants that will destroy the compressor.

What Does A Pressure Switch Look Like?

I’ve pushed many reset buttons, but I’ve done that with connected gauges and knew immediately what the problem was before further damage. You can recognize them by the small red (usually red) button on one end and a small copper line on the other that connects to the sealed system and senses the pressure.

Two wires will open an electrical circuit to shut the unit off. A person can’t always see a reset button on the outside of your unit, as you see in the image below. The reset button could be somewhere inside the unit.

Be Safe And Don’t Damage Your Outdoor AC Unit

I watched a YouTube video of a guy poking a stick down inside a unit through the fan to reset the button. I don’t think that’s advisable. I hope the unit doesn’t start and you have a fan blade hitting your stick. Maybe a chopped stick or bent fan blade. So turn off the power before probing around.

I have to tell you this. Very few heat pumps and air conditioners have a reset button. Heat pumps have either an auto-reset high-pressure switch or an auto-reset low-pressure switch.

These switches can sometimes cycle a unit until the problem gets severe enough that the unit shuts down completely. Auto reset buttons are not the best solution, but they are better than nothing.

So, if you must, go ahead and push your ac compressor reset button. But I’d only do it once.

Chad Peterson

Chad Peterson is a veteran of the HVAC industry since 1977. "I like to explain heating and air conditioning problems in a way the average home owner can understand. "

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