Can You Put A Mini Split Condenser On The Roof?

You can mount one of these mini split outdoor units just about anywhere outside your home that fits your fancy. Just use enough common sense so as to aid in servicing and maintenance. The roof can offer some obstacles when installing and repairing mini splits.

Obviously a tall house with a steep roof would scare off a few installers or service technicians. And fowl winter weather could limit accessibility. If a unit failed during a snow or ice storm you better have another source of heat.

The intense heat of summer can make your unit work harder that normal with the reflective heat off a roof. All these things are relative to the area you live in so you’ll have to adapt what I’m saying to your respective climate. Some manufacturers may say in their installation instructions not to put a mini split outdoor unit on a roof.

Installing any heating and air conditioning system on a roof can lead to leaks in the roof and a rotting structure. Just more stuff that needs periodic maintenance with caulking and roof repairs. I currently have a leak in my roof that is just driving me crazy.

Not from a mini split, but none the less it’s a leak and it’s causing some damage that I will soon have to repair.

Why Would You Put A Mini Split On A Roof?

With setbacks for houses shrinking to allow for more homes with literally no lots it’s come to a point in time when you can’t even run a wheel barrow between the home and a fence. So where are you gonna put an AC unit?

Of course who needs a wheel barrow when you have no lot.

I can see why someone would want to put an AC unit on there roof. But I think access needs to be addressed. Where are you going to put a ladder with enough angle other that almost straight up to get on the roof?

Especially as these homes get taller and narrower. Add a little fowl whether and if it’s a heat pump you may have to wait for repairs.

An alternative to a roof when you have such small setbacks is to mount the unit up about 7 feet on a wall bracket so you can walk under the thing.

Is There A Mini Split Roof Mount Bracket?

Using a manufactured roof mount bracket is a quick and easy option. I did a search for what’s available. Most people search on Amazon and I only saw one and it was hard to find. It’s adjustable for different roof pitches.

Called a Rectorseal 87745 Slope Stand and it surprisingly inexpensive, but when I looked they only had one left in stock.

DiversiTech makes a roof bracket model QPR1000. This unit looks a little sturdier than the Rectorseal bracket.

But what a price difference. I don’t know if it’s worth the price, but like I said, it does look stronger and that may be what you want with a 150 pound something up on a roof over your head.

What Other Alternatives Are There To Mounting My Mini Split On My Roof?

This is my favorite, a wall mounting bracket for ductless mini split air conditioner condensing units. There are several brackets like the one below available at Amazon. You can click here or on the image below to check them out.

A wall mounted bracket keep the unit off the ground and provides a clean looking installation that is easy to clean under and keep away from most snow fall.

The Worst Way To Mount A Mini Split Condensing Unit

In my opinion the worst way to mount a mini split outdoor unit is on a mini split mounting pad, especially a heat pump. It’s a little different with a cooling only unit because they don’t operate in the winter.

I know you wouldn’t do this. Not much pride in the work. I know the ground can shift over time, but there are precautions to take to prevent this much movement.

Or someone does some landscaping and undermines the original installation. Who knows?

What difference does that make you ask? A heat pump can get covered in snow and ice in a lot of areas of the country. It’s important for a heat pump to stay clear of the snow and if it’s mounted up off the ground a foot or two it has room to defrost and drain and breath.

Mini splits hung on an outside wall are also easier to clean around and keep free of weeds and grass.

Some of my customers were worried about vibration or noises being transferred into the home if hung on the exterior wall of there home. I’ve never had a complaint.

In fact they couldn’t even tell if the unit was running without putting a hand in front of the fan to see if it was on or not.

This next image is of a weekend DIY project. The customer called me to see if I could get it running. They had bought the system from a friend in the HVAC business in another state. They had lost the Freon charge and fried the compressor by trying to start it with the valves closed that release the Freon into the indoor unit.

It looks incomplete, but it was the finished product. Notice the electrical power wire hanging from the unit and the communication wire with no protective cover and no grommets. By the time this job was redone it involved a new outdoor unit and a complete change in looks. And, a happy customer who will think twice about DIY refrigeration work.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Lets Rap Up This Mini Split On The Roof Thing

 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

We all have to pick our battles. Every house, every job, combined with every different person involved creates a new situation that creates a unique job or opportunity.

This mini splits have a purpose and provide a sweet innovative opportunity to provide warmth and cooling in a very efficient manner.

The sky is almost the limit when it comes to how you can apply and install these mini split systems. The line sets can run up, down, or even sideways to complete a system which makes your choice of installation locations a product of your imagination (as long as you adhere to the installation instructions of course).

Chad Peterson

Chad Peterson is near 40 year veteran of the HVAC industry. "I like to explain heating and air conditioning problems in a way the average home owner can understand. "

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