Hi. My name is Chad Peterson. I’ve been in the heating and air conditioning industry for many years and have many stories to tell.  I like to answer questions that customers commonly ask without getting too technical.

My efforts here at HomeHeatProblems.com are to help the residential home owner understand their heating and air conditioning systems and perhaps prevent unnecessary expenses or extreme frustration.

I have a reputation of doing things for myself which leads to not asking for help when I probably should.

But I sympathize with those who are inclined to DIY and despite those who warn you about the hazards of attempting to do things like gas piping or electrical work, you may find some very interesting projects within the content of this website.

So look around, I’m not much into social media, I feel a certain loss of  privacy by answering the questions needed to join in with sites such as Facebook and Twitter.   On this format I can still share what I want to share and you will still find me if you look.

In fact, yesterday being the 12th day of November 2020, I deleted my Facebook account. Others are in my sites to delete as they seek to gather data and collude with governments for special privileges.

I live in a small town with a cool and dry climate. Facebook saw the advantage of this climate to build some data centers. Last report I heard said they have over eight one million square foot building in our no longer small industrial district.

It’s like another city on the hill above out little city.  The lighting has noticeably ruined the dark sky and the once bright stars are much dimmer.

But there are other ways for you to share.  If you like something, pass it around. Send a direct link.