Easy To See Touchscreen Thermostat That Doesn’t Use Batteries

Best digital thermostat that requires no batteries in my opinion

My favorite and fully programmable digital thermostat that doesn’t use batteries is the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Wi-Fi. It’s my preference.

Let me make it easy and provide this link (ad) so you can see the current pricing and tempt yourself with one of the best thermostats in the industry. No purchase is required, and neither are batteries.

Easy to read touchscreen thermostat that doesn't use batteries

HVAC Wholesale houses don’t sell to the public as a rule. One reason is to protect their customers, the contractor.

With the Honeywell TH8321WF1001 Touchscreen Thermostat WiFi Vision Pro 8000, you will never see that warning on the thermostat screen that tells you the batteries are low. With no batteries, you will never have an out-of-sight, out-of-mind battery leak that can destroy your thermostat.

The 24-volt transformer in your furnace strictly powers this VisionPro 8000 TH8321WF1001.

If the screen goes blank on your TH8321WF1001 when you lose power, your furnace won’t work anyway, but the Honeywell 8000 VisionPro will still remember your previous settings when the power comes back on.

They call that remembering the settings, burning them into the thermostat’s circuit board.

Easy To See And Easy To Program 8000 Pro Thermostat

After many years of helping people set up and reprogram their thermostats in dark and dingy hallways, I’ve just had it with those tiny, hard-to-see thermostats that seem to be in so many homes. It’s such a sigh of relief to find one of these Honeywell VisionPro thermostats in a home because of the optional lighted background.

Setting up a new 8000 stat is so easy compared to others. Click the days you want to program and set the time and temperature.

You can do all seven weekdays the same if you’re retired or working from home. Make the weekends different if necessary; it’s just a versatile thermostat.

Connecting to WIFI is as simple as entering the password to your network. You can register your new Honeywell in the process of registration and connect it to an app on your phone that will monitor and change settings remotely when you are away from home.

While connected to the internet, this Honeywell 8000 VisionPro will show the outdoor temperature and humidity on the screen, just like you see in the image above.

That date is most likely from a remote station near your home. I know our neighborhood has a station just about six blocks down the road from our home.

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