How to Reset The AC Unit In My Apartment

As a precaution, resetting an AC or heat pump in an apartment should only be done if you have permission from your apartment manager or owner. They usually know what works best and how they wish for you to proceed.

Your air conditioner could be running, but it’s all iced up, stopping the airflow. Something to consider. If the problem is not addressed the AC will likely ice up again. But, that may not be the problem. So, if the air conditioner doesn’t reset, call the manager to get a professional HVAC technician.

Iced up compressor
If your compressor or coil is iced up, turn off the unit to let the ice melt.

Can I Reset My AC In My Apartment?

If the AC in your apartment isn’t working, here are a few easy tips to reset your AC unit. You must know that the method to reset an air conditioner can vary between manufacturers. Having access to the manual for your AC is the best place to start. If not, these steps might work:

  1. Power Off: Switch off your AC. Start with the thermostat or turn off the power switch on the unit itself. It may be necessary to leave the power off for an extended period.
  2. Find Circuit Breaker: Locate your circuit breaker box. You’re looking for a switch that’s labeled something like “AC,” “Air Conditioner,” or “HVAC” or “heat pump.” Flip that switch off, wait again, then turn it back on. This can help give your AC time to reset.
  3. Be Patient: Even though you might want to turn it back on immediately, give it about 30 minutes. Sometimes, coils ice up and need time to melt before you can feel air coming from the vents.
  4. Turn On Power: After waiting, go ahead and turn your thermostat back on. Set it to your favorite cool setting. If your AC unit has its switch, make sure that’s turned on too.
  5. Listen and Feel: Now that it’s back on, keep an ear out for odd sounds and check if it’s cooling things down as it should.

An air conditioner is extremely susceptible to freezing up when the nights are cold and the AC runs during the night.

A Few More Tips Related To Resetting An Air Conditioner

  • Air Filter: Dirty filters can affect your AC’s flow. A quick clean or a new filter might be all you need.
  • Thermostat: Make sure it’s set to cool, not just the batteries that have gone dead.
  • Error Codes: Some ACs will tell you exactly what’s wrong with a code on the display. A quick online search of that code might tell you what’s wrong.
  • When in Doubt: If you’ve tried all this and things still aren’t chill, it might be time to call in a professional. There is no shame in that – better safe than sorry.

Remember, messing with ACs can be tricky, especially if you’re renting. Call the landlord or apartment manager. If you’re unsure, it’s always better to call someone who knows what to do.

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