Can Propane Or Natural Gas Lines Be Exposed?

Be advised this is a guide to running gas pipe. Not all building departments or jurisdictions have the same opinions or codes related to exposed gas pipe outside a house.

So if you plan on following this guide, consult with your building department before proceeding. I’m just full of ideas and they work in my county.

Getting right to the answer, it’s yes, gas piping can be exposed. You should follow certain good piping practices like keeping the piping in protected areas and hanging or strapping the pipe every four feet or less.

The type of pipe you use would again depend on what your county allows for piping materials. Copper pipe is allowed in some areas. I don’t like it for gas. That’s just me. One of my four sons is an HVAC salesman in Alabama, they use it all the time.

Upgrade Gas Fireplace Wall Switch T...

CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) flex and black iron pipe are amongst the most popular these days. CSST is so easy to install. Most the time one run of pipe completes the connection to an appliance with no couplings or nineties. Just the end fittings.

So CSST can be used outdoors.

If CSST is your selection, I would use TRACPIPE Counterstrike Flexible Gas Piping available at Amazon. I believe it’s a rare thing, but lightning has caused some house fires relative to gas piping.

When properly bonded CounterStike offers a higher degree of safety than the other CSST piping. Anything you can do to increase the safety factor in your home is worth doing. TRACPIPE CounterStrike is definitely one of those products that increases your safety factor.

But the neat trick about CounterStrike is that it doesn’t require additional bonding.

In 2004, the Company developed CounterStrike®, which contains all of the innovative features of TracPipe® plus a built-in solution to lightning damage that eliminates the need for additional bonding.

Can Black Iron Gas Pipe On The Outside Of A Building Be Painted?

Boy we’ve bit into a can of worms here. I had a shop in Vancouver, Washington for several years. We had three permitting agencies there. The city, the county, and labor and industries. What a night mare.

Everyone on a power trip. The issue here is painting gas pipe. The city wanted it painted and the county didn’t. It could have been visa versa.

But one of them thought the pipe would rust on the outside if not painted and the other thought the pipe would rust on the inside if painted. You either do as they say or you don’t get an approval.

So be really careful doing what you read on the internet. Your inspecting authorities are the final sayso in gas piping. It’s really not about what is right or wrong. It’s what’s in there book.

exposed outdoor black iron gas pipe unpainted
can gas pipe be exposed outside

So for those of you who are deeply concerned about what the natural gas pipe paint color is going to be, do your research first. If you paint the pipe before you know if it can be painted, your job may fail inspection.

If your piping is old and you just want it painted who’s to say. I bet if you called your building department and asked if you could paint your 20 year old gas pipe on the outside of you house they would probably laugh. Who knows about your area, so just call them.

Can CSST Pipe Be Painted?

This is a situation where you have to read the installation instructions from the manufacturer along with knowing your local codes.

Identification – TracPipe CounterStrike shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name or symbol,approving agencies, pressure rating and manufacturing date code. The piping system shall be marked by the manufacturer with the word “GAS” in black letters every two feet. Do not paint, stencil or apply unapproved labels to the piping system.

This is another good reason to use Countersrike because it comes in black. Kind of like Henry Ford, you can have any color you want as long as it’s black. I’m by far no color expert, at least my wife says so, but I think black goes with about anything.

Quite a contrast with light colors though.

All the other CSST pipes I’ve seen are that bright yellow and stand out like a sore thumb.

This is an inside shot of CSST pipe but you can see the color and imagine how it would look on the outside of your house. Remember not to paint it or you could take the position that it’s your house and you can do what you want.

But both me and TracPipe said don’t paint it.

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