Does Nordyne Make A Mobile Home Furnace?

Nordyne has become Nortek Global HVAC. Under that name Nortek, they manufacture and distribute a complete line of residential heating equipment specifically designed for manufactured or mobile homes.

When adding a heat pump or air conditioner to a manufactured home it requires a mobile home approved indoor coil. Mortex Products, Inc. is one manufacturer of approved coils.

These coils fit nicely in the confined space available in these homes.

In my niche of the woods I work on a lot of manufactured homes and only see just a couple of brands that are installed from the mobile home factory. These mostly include Intertherm and Coleman.

There are a few outlaw furnaces out there installed by those who pay no attention to HUD restrictions. Those HUD codes are there to keep us safe and out of harms way. You have to love government.

I called our local code enforcement recently because I was writing an article titled “Can I Install Any Brand Furnace In My Manufactured Home?” . I asked them if they knew about furnace brands in manufactured homes. They had no clue what I was talking about.

Pardon my French but mobile homes are no longer mobile homes. They are manufactured homes. A mental trick to raise the bar I suppose. Before being called mobile homes they were trailers.

Intertherm furnaces are made by Nortek Global HVAC. The manufactured home industry is a huge and complicated market. HUD or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulates the code for the manufactured home industry.

I’ve never been hung up on brand names, other than with cars and I won’t get into that now because if I do and you’re opposed to my brand of auto you’ll probably quit reading.

But furnace brands, that’s another story. You can’t sit in a furnace and you can’t smell the newness. And a furnace will never do zero to sixty in under three seconds.

But, a furnace will keep you warm and cool (if you install ac or a heat pump) while you recline in your easy chair.

What Does HUD Say About Who’s Furnace You Can Install In Manufactured Homes?

Propane tanks must be a safe distance from the dwelling. Leased tanks are acceptable when not offered for sale. Propane fired furnaces located in a crawl space area is not acceptable.


I’m still digging…………………… I can find where a particular manufacturer of furnaces say their unit is approved but I’m about to give up on HUD and there massive website. You would think that they would be the ones sort of dictating what furnaces that manufactured home owner can install in there castles.


This was a really hard article to research. It asks a really good question and I guess I just need to be satisfied with a really short answer. So, yes.

Chad Peterson

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