Has The Honeywell RCT8200A1001/P Been Discontinued?

old style honeywell 8000 pro thermostat

The Honeywell SKU: RCT8200A1001/P 7-Day Multi-System Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat has been discontinued. Honeywell also states that the RCT8200A1001/P is no longer available for purchase. There is very little information from Honeywell or even on the internet regarding this thermostat.

I did find a downloadable PDF at manualslib.com. I am always reluctant to download these pdf’s because of all the stuff you end up with that they blindside you with. But you can read a lot of info without downloading.

In the contents of the pdf it stated some special features such as Smart Response, Compressor Protection, and Auto Changeover. These are not special features in todays world of smart thermostats, they are very common features.

It appears that the replacement for the RCT8200A1001/P is a RTH8500 because as you scroll through the pdf from the front page that reads RCT8200 all the following pages read RTH8500. Very confusing stuff.

What Makes A Good Replacement For A Discontinued Thermostat?

We all have our favorites, it could be a favorite kid or car. I have my favorites in those categories, but I also have a favorite thermostat. It’s the Honeywell VisionPro TH8321WF1001. If you really want to know why it’s my favorite then click on this link to an article I wrote that explains why. No need to repeat myself here.

Just one clue as to why I really like this stat is that you never need those pain in the rear batteries.

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