Why Does My Thermostat Say To “Wait”?

wait is a delay for the refrigerant to equalize in the system

Have you ever unplugged your refrigerator and then plugged it back in right away and it just sort of goes hum, click, and the compressor won’t start? I don’t suggest you try it. The reason is that there are two pressures inside a refrigeration system when the compressor is running.

A high pressure and a low pressure. The invitation to ” Wait” on your thermostat is giving those pressures inside the system a moment to equalize. If your thermostat is set to “Wait” long enough, usually five minutes or less, the pressure will be the same and the compressor can start easily.

Some of you may want to bypass wait on your Honeywell thermostat. The waiting period you may experience from time to time is an option that can be adjusted to zero minutes in the thermostats set up. It’s best to look online for your make and model number of your particular thermostats setup procedure.

I’ve chosen images and descriptions of the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Touch Screen with Wi-Fi because it’s my preferred thermostat. I have hundreds of them installed with very few problems.

With todays newer heat pumps and air conditioners the “Wait” period in the thermostat is actually redundant. Most, but not all, outdoor units I install and work on these days, have circuit boards with a built in time delay to protect their compressors.

So it you were to disable the “Wait” period in your thermostat then you would still have waiting period for your heating or cooling to come on because the outdoor unit won’t start for five minutes after you shut it down and start it again immediately. The “Wait” isn’t even noticed in a normal run cycle because the off time between cycles acts as a waiting period.

What Does “Waiting for update…” Mean?

“Waiting for update” is a function of Wi-Fi portion of the thermostat. Anytime the internet or the power is disrupted, the thermostat has to wait for an update regarding information like temperature and humidity. When your thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi it has the capability of gathering data from local weather stations and displaying that information on your thermostat.

It usually takes just a few moments to collect that information so the stat can resume normal operation.

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