So let me say this first. I’m a septuagenarian and my wife is not far behind me. We’ve experienced all the hormonal episodes, but I’m also a heating contractor and have seen the crazy things a thermostat can do.

Mercury bulb thermostats can be off level or digital stats can be out of calibration. But, finding the true temperature of a room is near an impossibility. Did you know that when ice and water are together in a glass for enough time and before the ice melts the actual temperature of the water in the glass is 32 degrees .

There are some thermometers that are adjustable. I used to pack one. Put it into a glass of ice water and calibrate it to 32 degrees. But then when you go to higher or lower temperatures it can loose it’s accuracy. I’m getting kind of nit picky here.

We have a two thermostats in our house. One up stairs and one down. We are comfortable down stairs when the stat is set at 70 degrees and we are comfortable upstairs when the stat is set at 67 degrees.

It’s mostly a calibration thing and I’m just not motivated to do the calibrating. But it could be an air flow issue.

I’m just used to thermostats and thermometers having discrepancies. As much as 7 or 8 degrees at times. We just find the number that’s comfortable and that’s the setting.

It’s a blessing for us that my window of comfort is much wider than my wife’s. Her actual comfort temperature varies only a few degrees. She’s pretty good at throwing on a blanket while sitting or putting on something suitable for the momentary flash of discomfort.

It’s mostly done in a panic, almost like something is going to explode, really.

Body temperature regulation is a serious matter, no kidding. It can be distracting. Then there’s the difference between when you move about, versus sitting and watching the tube, sorry, most of us watch a screen these days.

We live in a fairly well insulated over 85 year old house. There are times when I have to turn on the portable heater next to my desk. I just get chilled sometimes. My wife walks into the room and !!!!!!!!!! wow she’s outta there.

I used to work on a lot of rooftops. Commercial buildings. Summers never seemed to be too hot for me. I’d wear long sleeved shirts to keep the sun off and when I’d sweat the moisture had a cooling effect especially with a little breeze. Some of us are just more tolerant than others, ya think?

The Hypothalamus Is Our Bodies Thermostat

The hypothalamus is located at the base of the brain. It’s very small, about 4 ounces and has a lot to do with releasing hormones.

When caught in the act of feeling too hot for what seems like no reason, many people become embarrassed or become extremely uncomfortable.

And without understanding that just like the thermostat on your wall being the control to how warm the rooms in your home are, so is the hypothalamus in your brain the control for your body temperature.

According to science the hypothalamus controls several things in our bodies. Think about this. The hypothalamus can have an effect on a persons emotions. Emotions such as rage and pleasure. It kind of all fits together when you witness the reactions of some people to temperature swings of discomfort.

How Do You Know If Your Home Thermostat Is Bad?

If your home thermostat is hard to read, loose on the wall, and just gives you a hard time everytime you try to adjust the thing, just bite the bullet and get a new one. Easy for me to say, right?

If you’re DIY’er and you want to tackle a worthwhile project then read this article about how to troubleshoot your thermostat.

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